"In 2023 Joe Pekara and ft artist Red Berry Woman received the first 'Cultural Recognition Award' in the Visual Arts category of the Grammy Awards. The award is honored to those who are recognized as a single person who present their culture in a positive and successful way. Who brings education and beyond for youth, elders and all ages. Joe Pekara was chosen to represent and accept the award for the Indigenous culture. As the Grammy Panel has recognized Joe, he was given the opportunity to recognize a feature artist to accept the award with him. Joe chose Indigenous fashion designer Red Berry Woman. The project of both Joe and Red Berry Woman was shown at the opening ceremonies of the Visual Arts Grammys Award Ceremony. Joe's photography captured the amazing fashion designed by Red Berry Woman. The project was captured in Deadwood, South Dakota. Eight Indigenous models displayed the dresses and suit. Each Model and Dancer received Grammy Stamped photos from the academy. Below are the grammy stamped photos and video which were shown at the award ceremony." Enjoy this amazing part of history. From Left-Right, Tessa Holds the Enemy Abbey: Shealyse Chase: Kilyn Parisien: Red Berry Woman: Quannah Chasinghorse: Sierra Flying Horse: Fahtima Hood: Joe Pekara: Lael Middletent: Tyler White: Cadence Bracklin: Elmer Flying Horse
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